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Air Sealing Installation Types

Sealing air leaks saves energy and improves your home's air quality!

Air leaks throughout your home  are expensive. They allow conditioned air to escape from your home and outdoor air to enter it. Additionally the air leaks bring in air from your attic or crawl space – air you ‘d rather not breathe.

How do we find the air leaks?

Using a blower door and special infrared red camera that detects heat we are able to identify where your home’s leaks are located.

Air Sealing Provides for a more Comfortable Home and Saves Money

Once the leaks are located we seal the leaks.

How does air sealing improve comfort? By keeping conditioned air where it belongs – inside your home, not out- and improving indoor air quality.

  • Reduced Air Infiltration: Attic and crawl space air enters your home through gaps around ducts, pipes, and wiring. Air sealing keeps that unhealthy air out of your living space.
  • Better Humidity Control: Less humid air enters your home during summer, and less dry air gets in during winter.
  • Fewer Drafts: Used to feeling drafts around windows and doors? Air sealing reduces drafts and helps you achieve consistent temperatures.


Air sealing can lower your energy bills, too. In fact, air sealing is so effective for lowering utility costs, it's often more effective than making expensive equipment purchases.

  • Fewer HVAC Run Cycles:  Since air sealing reduces air infiltration, your HVAC system doesn’t consume as much energy.
  • Lighter Heating and Cooling Loads: 
    he less your system runs, the less you pay each month to operate it. Air sealed homes don’t require as many HVAC run cycles.
  • Higher (or lower) Thermostat Settings:  
    You might even be able to increase your thermostat setting in summer and lower it in winter, saving even more money.
    Air Sealing is a high-impact energy efficiency upgrade. Whenever there is a difference in air temperature between the inside of your home and the outside, you will have air trying to escape or enter your home caused by pressure. Common leaks are typically found in gaps around electrical and plumbing chases, gaps in door frames, gaps around chimneys, top plates, and other areas throughout your home. Air should enter and leave your home the same way it came in; through proper ventilation.

Advantages of air sealing

  • Significantly cut annual heating and cooling costs by reducing the load on your HVAC system.
  • Improve building durability/prevent moisture problems
  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing the transfer of allergens from the unconditioned spaces to living areas within in  the home.
  • Prolong the life of your HVAC system
  • Decrease the size of heating and cooling equipment required, which saves money on upfront equipment costs as well    as
  • Long-term operating costs
  • Improve comfort of home.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Air sealing can reduce energy cost on average of 20% in the typical home making it one of the most cost-efficient solutions available.

FACT ... Did you know?

Fiberglass insulation acting alone is too light to stop air leakage. All fiberglass insulation applications should be accompanied with proper air sealing.