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Controlled Ventilation System

Greenserve is proud to be a certified installation contractor for the Atmox Controlled Ventilation System. The ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System is designed to decrease moisture levels in your crawlspace and protect the structure of your home.

The ATMOX System uses a unique combination of fans, sensors and a computerized control panel to achieve proper ventilation through dew point comparisons.

ATMOX is not just looking at one measurement but is comparing inside and outside conditions to effectively determine when air should be exchanged in the crawlspace or an optional dehumidifier should be used.

ATMOX System is fully automatic once installed, and fans will only run when the outside air is beneficial in reducing moisture and within proper temperature .

Greenserve utilizes the Atmox System in conjunction with our other vendor systems to tailor an exact solution to any basement or crawlspace problem you may encounter.

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