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BasementFloor Drain

If you have a wet basement not only do you have to be concerned with water penetration under and through the basement walls but also from entrances. So how to we prevent water from flooding through the walkout basement doors, bilco doors, and garage doors? That’s easy, we rely on the industry leader and their engineered basement entrance drainage system … GrateTrench™.

GrateTrench™ prevents water from getting into your basement. The system relies on a drainage channel with a grated cover, typically installed above bulkheads, at the base of basement stairs and across exterior doorways. GrateTrench™ has a unique valve system that opens automatically to let water in and closes when water is not present. Only two teaspoons of water is needed to open the drain valve. A closed valve system will not allow odors from stagnant water to rise and permeate the home. GrateTrench™ closed valve system also minimizes entry of harmful radon gases. The GrateTrench™ system works in conjunction with the basement drainage system GrateDrain™(which we highly recommend) so you never have to worry about water or high humidity levels in your basement again.

GrateTrench™ Features

Some of the features that the GrateTrench™ system offers are:

  • Ideal for bulkheads, sliding doors & exterior doorways
  • Can be used around hot water tanks & overflow water pipes
  • Easily assembled (pre-sloped) no stagnant water smells
  • Closed system – air resistant valve
  • Optional 1ft. kits are available to extend 4ft. kits to any length
  • Strong and Durable

If you do have basement or crawl space water we highly recomment getting the problem resolved. We also are foundation repair and crawl space repair experts and know from experience the problems excess moisture caused. Mold and mildew, wood rotting, bad smelling odors, structural weakening, and health problems due to these factors are just some of the problems we’ve resolved.

If you’re interested in having your basement or crawl space waterproofed in your North Carolina home, call Greenserve at (980) 432-0042   for a free estimate or just fill out the below form.